Glycocyamine phosphokinase

English name: Glycocyamine phosphokinase;
Alias: Glycocyamine; guanidoacetic acid; Guanidinoacetic acid; N-Amidinoglycine; N-(diaminomethylidene)glycine
Molecular structure
Molecular weight: C3H7N3O2
CAS No.: 352-97-6
Content: 98.0%
Physicochemical property: white or light yellow crystal powder; melting point is 280-284℃; soluble in water.
Use: It is a kind of amino acid and new type nutrition feed addictive.
1. Improving animal bodily form
2.Promoting animal growth
3.Stable product and safe property
4.Removing free basis and improving fleshcolor
5.Increasing breeding pig reproductive performance.


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