γ -Aminobutyric acid

Alias: Gaba; gamma-aminobutyric acid; piperidinic acid; γ-aminobutyric acid; piperidic acid; gamma aminobutyric acid; 4-aminobutanoic acid; 4-amino-n-butyric acid; alpha-aminobutanoic acid; aminobutyric acid, 4-; aminobutyric-4 acid; aurora ka-1053; h-4-aminobutyric acid; gamma.-aminobutyric acid; 4-amino butyric acid
Molecular formula: C4H9NO2, Molecular weight: 103.12

Physicochemical property:
White or almost white crystal powder with a little bitter taste, easily soluble in water

Product description:
γ-Aminobutyric acid (GABA) is a kind of non-protein amino acid which plays the function of soothing in animal body. In recent years, GABA has been used widely in feed industry. It has remarkable effect on the promotion of beasts and birds growth.

Product effect:
1.Anti-convulsion: it has calming, hypnosis, anti-convulsion and reducing blood press functions.
2. Growth promotion:
3.Improving food consumption:
4.Improving animal blood circulation:

Application scope:
It is applied for fowl, pig, cow and fishes in different growing period.

Adding method:
Suggested additive amount:

Adding objective suckling piglet shoat big pig fowl
additive amount 30-50ppm 25-30ppm 15-20ppm 10-15ppm


Stored in dry and cool place under sealing condition.

Package is 25kg/drum; inner double-layer plastic bag or according to customer requirements.


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